[Beta 1.2] Creative and Hub Update
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We have managed to roll out the new creative world and our network system today!

Maintenance is finally over and you can join, using the IP play.imperium-mc.net

Server Hub

To start with, from now on, when you join the server, you will spawn in the new server hub.

You will have a nether star in your hot bar, which when you right-click, will allow you to choose what server you wish to join!

For the time being, we only have the nation survival world, the resource world, and the creative world!

Creative World

A world you will have creative in, and a world you could use to plan or build whatever you want.

Soon, we will allow world-edit access there for 24 hours every time you vote!

To start with this world, first things first, head to the hub by typing /hub from the nation server, and click the Creative option in the nether star!

Then, once you load in, you may do either /p auto to automatically claim a plot, or /p claim while in a plot to claim a plot of your choice! That's it!

Regular players will be able to claim one plot.

Supporter rank will be able to claim two plots.

Supporter+ rank will be able to claim three plots.

Imperium rank will be able to claim four plots.


Minor Changes

  • Added more hats, only accessible by donator ranks
  • Changed tab format and looks
  • Improved connection issues
  • Added 3 more homes for Imperium Rank


Due to this still being just released, if you notice any bugs, please report them by clicking More -> Bug Reports

If you have any questions, please create a support ticket on the server, or on discord.

More updates coming soon!

Thank you.

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