Welcome to ImperiumMC's rules page!
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As a player of this server, you will be expected and required to follow all rules displayed in the tabs above.
Failure to follow will lead to an appropriate punishment.
We do not consider purchased ranks as a factor in terms of punishment, and thus, we hold no accountability
over the loss of a purchased items/ranks due to certain punishment.

By playing on Imperium MC, you agree to follow the rules wholly and at all times.

You may ask any staff member if you have further questions.

1. Imperium MC appeals to a multitude of audiences, so please behave appropriately.

2. Swearing is allowed, however using swears excessively and as harassment towards other players is unacceptable.

3. Respect others and treat them as you wish to be treated.

4. No type of harassment is permitted on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, insults ,racism, or other types of discriminatory behavior.

5. Refrain from going into controversial topics in public chat channels, unless all parties are comfortable with it.

6. Impersonating others is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, impersonating staff or other players, and/or responding as a member of the staff team.

7. Please use English in public chats.

8. Do not spam messages.

9. Do not advertise.


1. Game modifications and resource packs that give you an unfair advantage over other players are strictly forbidden. Cosmetic and minor assistance mods are allowed. There is no guarantee that an unlisted modification will be allowed in-game. Allowed modifications include: a. Optifine and Shaders. b. Minimaps (without entity/player tracking. Setting waypoints with visual beacons and coordinate is fine). Map mods that map out extremely large areas are not allowed and will be seen as an advantage (you shouldn't be able to track places before others can due to a mod.) c. Auto-clickers/Macros at any speed will not be tolerated. (Kill-Aura, Auto-Aim, Tunneling, and other modifications with in-game targeting and such are not allowed.) d. If you are not sure whether a modification or resource pack is allowed, please contact an Administrator or higher.

2. Exploiting known or unknown in-game bugs are strictly forbidden. Ex. Duplication. Please report all bugs and glitches to the staff team.

3. Destroying and(or) damaging other players’ builds without their consent is disallowed in the cities. However, there are no regulations regarding this in the wilderness.

4. Stealing from unprotected chests, such as chests that lie outside a claim or chests inside a claim that allows players to access inventories, is allowed. Please lock your chests.

5. AFK Farming is NOT allowed.

6. Any kinds of payments that are directed towards the server are considered donations and are non-refundable unless the server fails to deliver what was promised.

7. You may not sethome in one's private property or a nation not of your own.

8 Trading in-game items for real currency is not permitted. However, trading using in-game items is allowed.

9. Publicly accusing staff of abuse due to a punishment you have received. (Please contact the staff or their superior privately if you believe a staff is being abusive.)

10. Abuse of powers granted to you by a position for example firing, hiring, handcuffs, etc will not be tolerated.

11. One cannot use their other account as a direct advantage. You may not directly associate or assist your alternate account through theft, opening doors, pardons, appointments, and other seen fit by a member of staff. With this one may not have more than one account online at once.

1.1: Any injury or kill without any roleplay situation leading up to it will result in a warning and is against the rules.
CLARIFICATION: Examples of a "roleplay situation" include faction/gang-related killings, warfare, robbery, kidnapping, and more. Simply using /RP to kill someone does not classify as this. These infractions will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Consented killing / non reported cases of this will not be punished.
1.2: Once someone is killed, they cannot remember who killed them or actions that were involved subsequently to death. (Warn)
1.3: Once someone dies, any preceding criminal activities are forgotten, as well as a wanted status or crimes committed. This only applies to the policing level for example arresting someone for something done in their past life, for major things that call for a court trial or go against ones limitations for their job they can still be charged or fired. (Warn)
1.4: If someone is found to abuse this rule by intentional suicide or through encouraging a player to kill them, they will be punished accordingly, as well as the murderer who was found to support the violation of this rule. (Warn)
1.5: If someone is found to warp, home, or logout without permission during a roleplay situation (Ex: kidnapping, arrest, etc) (Warn)
1.6: Releasing coreinspect information to reveal who stole from a chest and then using it for RP purposes. (Warn)
1.7: After fired from a position you may not rejoin the position with exam signs without permission.
1.8: In a combat situation the offensive side may not use homes in order to come back to a location after they die. They must travel back in a RP means of transportation (boat, car, airplane).
1.9: One cannot use their other account as a direct advantage. You may not directly associate or assist your alternate account through theft, opening doors, pardons, appointments, and other seen fit by a member of staff.

2.1: To institute a revolt against the current government of said state to overthrow the said government, the commander-in-chief of the defending state must be online with at least three members of the state's armed forces online. The military leader (in whatever form sufficient with the command structure of said rebellion) of the rebellion must also be online. With such requirements being sufficient, the revolt must procure support from the Imperium staff. (24 hour ban)
2.2: Members of rebellion against a government in power can commit acts of terror. Any act that is ascertained as an "act of terror" by any single roleplay staff member will have a twenty-four-hour cooldown on the next possible attack. An act of terror is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The cooldown will become active once the attack is determined to be completely dissolved by any single roleplay staff member. (Warn)
2.3: During an act of terror by a rebellious group, only law enforcement and a state's armed forces may take part in fighting these forces. Under no other circumstances will a state's law enforcement or military be able to fight with the said rebellious group unless such action, or approval, is taken by the state's government. (Warn)
CLARIFICATION: This rule has no legal jurisdiction over a state's ability to commit acts of war, or incarcerate members of these groups. The second sentence only applies if there is no order given by the state's ruling government.
2.4: Members of rebellious groups against a state's ruling government may not aimlessly attack their military officers or law enforcement. Such attacks are considered an act of terror and the cooldown rule in (2.2) will begin. (Warn)

2.5: Strategic militaristic missions by a rebellious group, such as destruction or looting of a government's military resources, is permitted and has no cooldown.
2.6: For insurrection to be approved, it must garner support from the Imperium staff team while outlining factors such as support of the populous of said state, corruption, tyranny, etc. (Warn)
CLARIFICATION: Approval of insurrection does not mean the actual act of war against the government is approved. That requires separate approval, outlined in (rule code/#). Also, if an administrator is a member of the government, or aristocratic ranks, of the state being voted on, they will not be included in the administrative vote.

3.1: Both the commander-in-chief of the defending armed forces and the offensive armed forces in any situation of warfare must be online. At least three members of the defending state’s armed forces must be online. If both requirements are met, the war will be approved, pending ascent from Imperium administration. (Warn)
3.2: A declaration of war, with Imperium staff approval, must be made before attempting to battle with other states. (24 Hour temp ban)
3.3: If the defending state is determined to be intentionally avoiding depredation from the state that declared war on the defending state, staff punishment will be given. (24 Hour temp ban and override of rule 3.1)
3.4: A member of the Imperium roleplay committee, excluding trial staff, must be online to independently spectate battle and guarantee that rules are being followed. Trial staff members part of said committee are permitted to spectate alongside non-trial for training.
3.5: For one side to be considered the winner, locations will be drawn out by an independent commission of staff members, chosen by the Imperium administration, for the states to hold to gain pieces of territory. Each piece of territory must be held for at least twenty minutes for the offensive side to gain said territory. This process will continue until one side of the participant's surrenders. Once that happens, the treaty process between the factions involved will begin.
3.6: In rare circumstances where either side cannot continue due to factors of time, war can be paused by the same independent commission of staff members that drew the territorial lines in war. Unpausing will also be in the hands of this temporary commission.

1. Damaging or stealing movecraft vehicles is not permitted if the vehicle is not actively piloted. If it is actively piloted someone may within the rules pirate it. Cars can be stolen at any moment if they are not locked (Shift + Right click the center area of a car to lock it.) This rules only exception is within a public territory where everyone may break or place. Governments are also exempt from this if they tow/confiscate a vehicle assuming it is backed by their laws.
2. Locking a vehicle that you do not own is not permitted.

3. Vehicles much match and realistically look like their classifications, ships must be ships, jets must be jets, helicopters must be helicopters. Eye sores and unrealistic vehicles will be removed when seen by a staff and a warning may be issued.

4. Unbreakable unnatural obstacles may not be formed to block movecraft vehicles unless within ones private propertly, for example a private dock or shipyard.

5. You may not block in vehicles with your own vehicles making them impossible to exit a location.

6. Stolen vehicles can be stolen back at any time with no active captain on the vehicle.

7. If a vehicle is not piloted but in a active situation like a blockade it may not be blocked.

8. Always lock your vehicles, to lock a ingame model based vehicle, shift + Right click the center area of a car to lock it, to lock a movecraft vehicle connect a piston to it or place obsidian on it.